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Map your IIoT roadmap to high-impact opportunities with our Architecture and Blueprinting.
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IoT Application Development and Implementation

Solution Analysts is an award winning mobile application development company expanding its portfolio in providing Internet of Things (IoT) application development and IoT solutions. Solution Analysts’s app experts have been working on IoT based applications since 2010 and have worked as IoT enablers for partners’ projects, converting their “devices” to “smart devices”. We have worked on over 70 + IoT projects, enabling apps interaction with hardware. We believe that IoT technology will be instrumental in bringing to reality the dream of Smart Cities, Home Automation, Smart Healthcare, and more. We have enabled our partners across different verticals to connect their business with internet connected devices. Our IoT solutions are highly secure and easily scalable.

Partnering with Solution Analysts

Be it a small launch or a multisite deployment, our IoT implementation experts are happy to help you launch your IoT project, fast. We understand the gravity of IoT implementation, what challenges may arise in-between and how to overcome them.

First, we visit your site, understand your process and the challenges you face, analyze the existing setup to formalize your requirements, and then create a blueprint that makes sense to you. Next, we work closely with our development team to design the most relevant IoT solution that compliments your architecture, and finally deploy it, keeping security, scalability and the expected outcomes in mind.

IoT Road Map

We work across renowned and popular IoT platforms

How to start

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Please submit your project request (RFI/RFQ/RFP). We can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before sharing any business-sensitive information.


Our Subject expert will contact you to clarify your project requirements. We involve subject matter experts during this stage to elaborate and propose the optimal technical and business solution.


Having clarified the requirements we will provide our free non-binding bid or proposal for your review. We will be glad to provide any clarifications required and adjust the proposal through the negotiation process

Our Core Values

1. Innovation

1. Innovation

Our innovative Solutions will bring efficiency to your business.
We continuously develop innovative software applications that work in tandem with modern IIOT equipment to provide your business with the data to grow.

2. Excellence

2. Excellence

We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our Solutions are built based on many years of experience in manufacturing environments and the equipment we design and specify is world class.

3. Teamwork

3. Teamwork

We will be a partner for your business and a valuable member of your team. To get the most from our Solutions, we work closely with your key employees.

4. Cost Effective

4. Cost Effective

Return on Investment is a criterion that we are mindful of when designing and implementing our solutions. We will not sell solutions that do not add to your bottom line.

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