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Massive adoption of the Cloud has 2 challenges – there are more chances of run time faults creeping in unalarmed. Secondly, system backup / updating is a routine exercise. Thus, dedicated management is highly imperative. Managed IoT Services are a boon to combat insufficient experience in evaluating system failure and keeping all the integrated components intact.

Solution Analysts offers post deployment managed services to contain such abnormal behavior and regularly monitor the expected data streaming.

Amassing strong perspective, we infuse a thorough approach at managing the entire IoT deployment life cycle, predicting system downtimes, performing routine performance analysis and looking over every aspect associated towards uninterrupted functioning.

With pointed attention towards faultless data streaming in the IoT landscape, we bestow deep diagnosis across every layer and monitor the behavior of every asset connected. Ultimately, we thrive for a highly optimized IoT infrastructure and the overall tuned performance.

Our comprehensive spectrum of Managed Services in IoT covers

IoT Infrastructure management services

Infrastructure and identify flaws

Installation and configuration consulting

Current and Historical Reporting

Security Patch Management / Firmware updates

Optimization of IoT infrastructure

Why managed services?

  • Drastic reduction in maintenance cost
  • More accurate understanding of behavior patterns
  • Fine tune the performance of connected products
  • Augmented business decision making

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