About the Project

  • Fitizens is a fitness-centric social networking and gaming app where users can browse available videos and capture and upload their own videos and compete with other users for best fitness regime
  • On this platform fitness enthusiasts can support one another in their journey for a healthy lifestyle by discussing fitness mantras and sharing progress
  • Users can record their workout regime and upload it into the app for viewing of like-minded enthusiasts
  • Videos can be analyzed and rated by fellow Fitizens and these ratings can be used to reach higher levels and gaining achievements


  • This app is designed as a game where users compete
  • To gain lead in the game, user must generate stars, get higher rankings and win new trophies
  • The gamification feature tracks, stimulates and showcases progress using videos that are rated by the community and stars are awarded for going to the next level
  • The app can be used to discover new workouts and take up challenges from the archived videos posted by other users
  • New training videos can be added and a fresh game can be started to get rated by the community and earn their support
  • Search users to browse their albums and current achievement levels
  • Rate and comment on uploaded videos
  • Support network offers quick view on supporters of current achievement levels
  • Profile overview gives information of total points earned, average points, rank and current level in the game
  • Client Fitizens
  • Date May 29, 2017
  • Tags Mobile

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