About the Project

  • VaPay is an iOS application designed to allow users to review their personal and business financial transactions
  • User can generate round-in amount, set monthly recurring and manage transactions via debit card and online banking
  • The app has multiple features that can be used to save money and monitor transactions
  • User can withdraw money from the app


  • The Roundin option enables user to round purchase to the nearest dollar
  • Users can link their debit and credit card to VaPay and create, pause or cancel a recurring deposit
  • Sensitive information such as card details, pin numbers and CVV number is not stores in the user’s mobile device
  • Money will be saved directly in user’s VaPay account
  • User can set date for recurring deposit amount deduction from their account
  • Quick Pay option can be used to deposit amount into VaPay account
  • User can pause Roundin purchase
  • Users can check recurring and quick pay history and amount approved or pending
  • User can withdraw all or part of their saved money
  • Client Vapay
  • Date May 29, 2017
  • Tags Mobile

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