Smart Asset Management

End-to-end, predictive and real-time asset lifecycle management
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Smart Field Asset Monitoring Solutions Within the Internet of Things

Solution Analysts Smart Asset Monitoring Solution aids your company with understanding the technical know-how of your Internet-enabled utility assets and also help predict their future performance. Procurement of assets is one aspect but their efficient utilisation along with their optimum usage carves the path for your company’s progress. That is where we come in as we help you get the best bang for the buck you spent on your machines and equipment by gathering their data to measure KPIs and detect deviations.

Enterprise ready

Every resource is unique and the yield upon the investment of each resource is different. We offer you the information regarding each resource and the share of investment that you can make with each resource to optimize your supply chain process.

Track assets

Real-time tracking and monitoring of assets, indoor and outdoor tracking, to increase maximum visibility

Predictive maintenance

Better crisis management due to detection of asset failures and prediction of machine health issues.

Make assets smart

Digitalisation of asset with RIFD tags or sensor helps in supply chain management.

Tacking and position assets instantly

  • Efficient management of your asset remotely using sensors in real-time
  • Track health condition and get alert through main dashboard
  • Keeping track of missing assets and evaluate machine performance

Maximum asset availability

  • Smart dashboard that provide insightful information about machine availability
  • Take actions on time to prevent unexpected breakdowns and production loss
  • Get real time notifications and emails alerts on mobile devices

Predictive maintenance – Implementation

  • Changes in the standard pattern detects the machine problem
  • Prediction of equipment failure via evaluating KPI’s
  • Create a predictive maintenance plan for better crisis management

Ticketing systems for issue tracking

  • Identify and create service tickets for the out of service assets
  • Single click all ticket tracking Systems
  • Improves service through better departmental communications

Track asset movement and prevent theft or misplacement

  • Geofencing- a location-based service that sends you alerts
  • Trigger theft alerts if the asset crosses the set boundary
  • Ensure compliance by tracking asset behaviour and fixing faults instantly

The smart asset management solution for your business

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