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The Internet of Things and Smart Buildings

Solution Analysts’ Smart Building solution helps a client with a multi-faceted approach to increase the intelligence of buildings in more ways than one. Solution Analysts Smart Building solution comprises of:

Smart Occupancy

This solution allows managers to tackle the challenges that any business faces. We understand that each problem is unique and hence the solution should be the same- unique. Hence, we try to overcome each problem by monitoring specific places with sensors, a cloud setup, and a streamlined system which can present the data remotely.

Smart Parking

We can get real-time parking space information with the help of this. With this information, we can monitor and prevent parking violations and vehicle theft.

Smart Office

It benefits everyone working in the office from employees to managers. The former can check the availability of meeting rooms, using presence sensing while the latter can monitor every activity and gain live analytics. Besides, indoor navigation and Amazon Echo also help in reducing the hassles.

Remote Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of a building aids in knowing the location of building assets and keep an eye on the IoT system which is deployed. Due to this, we can reduce the costs associated with maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance not only understands the behaviour of individual assets but also predicts the downtime associated with each of them. This aids the building superintendents in circumventing the breakdown of assets and ultimately reduces the maintenance costs.

Smart Shopping Mall

The most common problem faced by users in a mall is not being able to locate their desired products or stores. We help overcome this hurdle by providing shop maps and indoor navigation. Besides, this also helps them by alerting them based on their real-time location.

How the our Smart Building Solution Works

  • Motion Sensors help gather the quality of air with reference to temperature and humidity data, and sense activities
  • Two-step authentication for secure access
  • Get constant updates about the status of spaces with motion detectors
  • Single point of access helps monitor better
  • Control of multiple sites, facilities, and systems becomes easier
  • The vacancy status of rooms and open spaces can be monitored with beacons and cameras

Creating Intelligent Buildings with US

Our Smart Building solution lets you monitor the activities happening all over the building and act upon the data accumulated. It is open to modifications can be configured to act by monitoring space usage and energy usage. The gathered data can be filtered and analysed to get detailed insights by using BI tools. The key features of our solution are:

HVAC monitoring solutions

Smart room booking

Predictive maintenance alerts

Indoor positioning

Parking space usage analytics

Heat map of the entire building

Capacity vs occupancy ratio

Predict future occupancy patterns

Predictive Occupancy Heat Map

It helps generate a heat map by real-time gathering of occupancy data of the entire building. With the analysis of the past data, we can also predict the future occupancy patterns.

Smart Building solution Benefits

  • Smart Control System
  • Single Touch Access
  • Alarm
  • Low operational cost
  • Safe Spaces
  • Savings in Energy Bills without Compromising Comfort
  • Intelligent Lighting

The smart building solution for your property

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