Driving value through connected industrial workers

via wearable intelligent sensors that improves efficiency and safety.
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Manage workforce and machines in one dashboard!

Enterprises have been locking horns with different mediums to administer workforce and assets with optimal focus on safe operations. Solution Analysts has the perfect tool for such centralised management in form of our connected PaaS (Platform As A Service) offering. Powered by the networking competency of the IoT, you can now monitor your resources more accurately.

Worker Safety

Top Management generate and review reports of the factory work environment through systems. In critical environment conditions they will get alerts.

Prescriptive Analytics

Monitor your workforce safety by automated analytical reports of the working conditions including the quality of machines. Get alerts before possible accidents!

Compliance Friendly

The data captured in real time can be effectively used to perform regular compliance checks. Subsequently, the data can be computed into highly analytical audit reporting.

Workforce Optimization

Keep a thorough track of workforce productivity. Intricately integrated Human Capital Management tool with Project Management dashboard to improvise employee wellness.

Creating GeoFences

Employees operating remotely can be smartly tracked upon about frequent updates of their activity. Set a Geofence restriction and trace if an employee moves out beyond.


Best suited for establishments with manufacturing capabilities! Staff can use the tool to follow the shortest map towards a desired spot. Highly helpful in drills, client visits and actual emergency situations!

Analyse worker’s vitals

The dashboard lets you analyse the safety measures every worker is adhering to. The protective equipment one must put on, the exposure to machinery impacts and the overall health standards.

Evaluate working conditions

Keep a tap upon the current conditions in different locations – toxicity, noise levels, temperature and radiation. Analyse their rates and get alerts before they reach threshold point.

The smart connected worker solution for your business

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