Smart Factory IoT Solutions

Secure transformation toward a smart factory
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Accelerate Industry 4.0 adoption

Make your manufacturing smart with our interdisciplinary skills and domain knowledge in IT and engineering

Real-time visibility

Monitor machine performance in real-time and make insightful decisions to avoid sudden downtime and production loss

Prescriptive analytics

Maximize outcomes by taking decisions based on predictive analytics and ensure uptime and optimal, sustained performance

Integrated supply chain management

Revolutionize the way products are designed, produced, and delivered while maximizing efficiencies and savings with connected supply chain

Remote Automation

  • Machine status and performance check from a single place
  • Large-scale, multi-site asset monitoring using an interactive dashboard
  • User-friendly map view interface with multiple filter options

Predictive analytics

  • Data stream processing for predictive maintenance analysis
  • Avoid sudden breakdowns and take a condition-based maintenance approach
  • Monitor important KPIs based on predictive modelling

Issue Tracking and Project Management

  • Identify poor machine performance and generate service tickets
  • Track the status of all tickets from a single view
  • Better interdepartmental communications

Real-time telemetry & analytics

  • Seamless, comprehensive machine and production line monitoring
  • Real-time analysis through live data processing
  • Greater visibility into everyday operations with rich data visualization

Runtime Performance Anomaly Fault

  • Identify patterns in data and detect potential threats
  • Real-time alerts about performance anomaly and machine breakdowns
  • Point out faulty machine(s) and prevent serious damage

How to start

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Please submit your project request (RFI/RFQ/RFP). We can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before sharing any business-sensitive information.


Our Subject expert will contact you to clarify your project requirements. We involve subject matter experts during this stage to elaborate and propose the optimal technical and business solution.


Having clarified the requirements we will provide our free non-binding bid or proposal for your review. We will be glad to provide any clarifications required and adjust the proposal through the negotiation process

Our Core Values

1. Innovation

1. Innovation

Our innovative Solutions will bring efficiency to your business.
We continuously develop innovative software applications that work in tandem with modern IIOT equipment to provide your business with the data to grow.

2. Excellence

2. Excellence

We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our Solutions are built based on many years of experience in manufacturing environments and the equipment we design and specify is world class.

3. Teamwork

3. Teamwork

We will be a partner for your business and a valuable member of your team. To get the most from our Solutions, we work closely with your key employees.

4. Cost Effective

4. Cost Effective

Return on Investment is a criterion that we are mindful of when designing and implementing our solutions. We will not sell solutions that do not add to your bottom line.

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