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Solution Analysts offers a comprehensive solution for timely tracking your fleet with Cloud backed IoT networking. With real time access to captured data from sensors installed in vehicles, you get assured of compliance and fleet security norms. Add to it enhanced vehicle maintenance, prompt customer service, assured discipline from the drivers and the location status.



Heavy Equipment

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Our Solution Connect fleet to Cloud for safer, faster, more cost effective performance

Implementing of hardware sensors in to the fleet, you will get complete control of your fleet. bridge with compliance by managing data between sensors and systems. You will get insights reports of vehicle maintenance, driver behaviour, fuel efficiencies, faster emergency response and improve customer service and also keep a check of the operational status of your fleet.

Updated Tracking

Follow the driver’ map and seek access to the smallest details such as time to delivery, shortest possible route, location and thus the overall dispatching efficiency.

Vehicular Performance

Keep a check on engine health with updated readings from speed, torque, pedal positioning and acceleration. Get accomplished insight into the fuel usage, weather conditions that the vehicle has to go through including latitude and longitude parameters.

Vehicle & driver safety

You can handle your vehicles speed, fuel status, door locks, latitude & longitude. We will make your fleet safe by implementing sensor technology & get updated details for uncertainties & weather conditions in advance.

Enterprise dashboard

Get the all fleets details of locations, routes, delivery & transportation on single dashboard. You can generate real time reports of management insights.

Predictive maintenance

You can get particular details for vehicle component, parts & resources. Predictive analysis reports prevent you big loss. Stay updated with your fleet each details and run your fleet to the way to success together.

Smart Fleet Management – Business Benefits

Greater Efficiency

With such astute monitoring, you seek benefits from faultless dispatching, fine tuned operations between human capital and vehicles. Moreover, hugely abbreviated paperwork, driver availability in case of run time replacement and overall automated administration,

Lower Operating Costs

Highly abbreviated costing achieved through containing idle time, accident probability, compliance violation optimal fuel use is a highlight of the tool.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The real time data captured from the Fleet Management Tool helps become more prompt to customer grievances and contain the overall complain rate. Make smarter business decisions in the interest of the customer and win more deals.

The smart fleet management solution for your vehicles

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